Monday, April 6, 2009

late monday dose of inspiration: comparte corazon

A dose of inspiration by way of Carolina and Jean of Mi Purocorazon. We see each other twice a year in Paris (until I go to Peru and they come to NY!) and I am so proud and happy to call them my friends. They've shown me what even a small company can do to impact social change, that it only takes a very large (very pure) heart. They always inspire me to push beyond what I cannot even imagine I could do with Bonbon and to listen to my heart, even in business and even if most others tell me not to...

Cati, the artist who designed this t-shirt. I was so happy to have met in Paris this year.

The Comparte Corazon Project (Sharing Hearts) shares the idea that "uniting the efforts of many people, we can achieve lofty goals thanks to the social network that brings together goodwill and changes lives."

"Comparte Corazon is a social project, a collaboration between Purocorazon, Catalina Estrada and others aimed to help a group of women artisans in Ayachuco Peru. This particular group is led by Irma Quispe, a woman with whom PUROCORAZON has worked with for more than 2 years and who has shown enduring willpower to help others with their work and supervises various groups of people in different towns in Ayacucho, Peru. Irma has a household with numerous family members. In addition to being the home and hearth for her family, her house also serves as the meeting place for the women and men that work together weaving clothes and other handmade objects for sale. Irma is in charge of providing materials and receiving the finished products and preparing them for customers.

Through the simple idea of raising funds through the sale of this simple and beautiful t-shirt, designed by artist/illustrator Catalina Estrada, they have already begun to buy supplies and equipment the ladies need to create a real functioning, safe studio and workplace with all the tools and furniture they need, better lighting fixtures, a proper bathroom and a well patched roof.
You can keep track of the project on the Comparte Corazon blog to see what else is needed and what your purchase of this t-shirt will buy and I'll be offering a portal on the sidebar of this here blog where you can buy one of these beautiful shirts. I love the little crocheted flower on the collar made by the ladies. I love how deciding what you wear can actually make such a positive impact somewhere in the world. Be part of the collaboration.

carolina y jean (juan) (john)


Maggie May said...

Very cool! Great post about great people. And I love that piggy!

jennifer said...

Are those pom poms midway down?! Love them!

High Desert Diva said...

Love the last two photos

cindy* said...

so neat!

Melissa de la Fuente said...

Oh, how great! I love these kind of projects/missions so much and would be proud to wear this lovely shirt in support! How fantastic!

molly said...

you inspire me to want to change my life, deb. thank you!