Wednesday, April 29, 2009

thinking about too many things

via dreamhouse via P

revisiting gray gardens, Robert J. Eckholm, NY Times

via me

triple crown keyfob set via bonbon oiseau

a buttery butterfly for good measure, here
a total bonbon makeover
a total studio makeover
a brand new studio
a brand new space

working weekends
resting weekends

a simple meal
fleeting flowers
stopping to smell the flowers

making important phone calls
making unimportant phone calls
answering important/unimportant emails

reading stories
telling stories
the kentucky derby

Mother's day
Mother's Day is coming.*
What are you thinking about?

*Hey. Pssst...Mother's Day Sale just because I love you: today until tuesday, may 5th at midnight take 25% off earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. Write 25% MDAY in your email--pretty good huh? we'll even stamp her initials on our hangtag...even better. oxodeb


Anonymous said...

All so lovely -- as is your blog + work!

Vana said...

i love love it write so well my dear...

vicki archer said...

But all such gorgeous things, xv.

AC said...

another great post - stealing your idea for later use :D

Unknown said...

there are so many cute things in this post!!! i love it!

heidi said...

wow... that's ALOT to think about! Wishing you many more beautiful thoughts! xoh

Unknown said...

I'm always thinking about so much too. Everything on your mind is important and a lot on your list is on stopping to smell the flowers and Mother's Day, calling people back, seeing people I rarely get to see, organizing my studio...oh and for me, I also think about stopping so much procrastination! :)

AC said...

deb - what is the name of that pink flower? it's beautiful.

Esti said...

there are so many good and nice things about this post that it hurts... :)

Clementine said...

Oh my god, I'm totally in love with that first image. Those green chairs with the rustic board table!! completely swoon-worthy.

Isabelle said...

I love the fabric panel on the iron bed, I think it is from Agn├Ęs Emery, I love her work ...