Saturday, May 30, 2009

today is the first day of the rest of my weekend

where I imagine my husband to be

I took today off. I know most people take Saturdays off but I'm really taking it off. My loved one has gone fishin'. He left yesterday in the wee hours of the morning for a lake somewhere in the middle of Canada to spend a week with his father and uncles and cousins and assorted other manly men. They are off for über man-week. Also, he took the camera. I miss them both terribly already.

So I took today off and went with my friends on their weekly ritual early a.m. Saturday shopping trip to the Farmer's Market in Union Square. Thanks to the links below, I can illustrate my trip even without a camera. (I am crying a little)...

poetically blue chicken eggs , too pretty to pass up:image (and a good explanation for why they're blue) from dalesford organic

lovage, red dandelion greens and bumpy blue fingerlings, maybe I'll make a lovage spiked potato salad with a little dijon vinaigrette?
lovage facts

red dandelion greens, an oxymoron

photo from Cook, A Oui Chef Journal ,
a new find for me and new favorite as well
with a good looking potato recipe too

Fancy French Radishes (that I am eating with butter right's MY day off)
you guessed it..from you grow girl

For the table, some wild looking spindly purple pincushion flowers, a nice name for scabiosa (such a mean name)...I planted some of these, come to think of it, in my seeding frenzy, but will they look like this?
image from Knoll Gardens

fluffy sunflower from Chrisser's flickr stream,
mine are like this, but small. How does nature do that?

I also picked up some snarly looking miniature sunflowers, some gargantuan stalks of green garlic (they're snaking around the milk and orange juice section of the fridge right now), some spicy mustard greens, and some crunchy little pea sprouts, and, while swiping some photos to use for this post, some great new blogs, Crooked Row for one and Two Small Farms for ummm, two. So far, good day off. Hope yours is too!


cindy* said...

so alone! too bad i can't pack myself up in a box with some sorbet and freight it to brooklyn...but i see some logistical issues with that...saturdays off are always well deserved btw. glad yours was an awesome one.

jealous of all that wonderful produce, our farmer's market is dismal still, two whole vendors i saw today as i drove by. that fluffy sunflower reminds me of a lion, cute!

onesilentwinter said...

love this post!!!

mosey said...

beautiful post! I love these purple pincushion flowers! I would clean my apartment right now if I could put those on display... he he :)

mimi charmante said...

Looks lovely~ Enjoy your week spending time with you! Sounds like you are off to a good start!

P. said...

Man, I love a good radish. Looks like you got some goodies while the cat was away...xoxoxo

P.S. the robot detector word thingy is "fulness" - which is what spring weekends are all about.

Mary-Laure said...

This post is luscious!

Cindy said...

it's a beautiful post! if you need a hug, give me a call. sending you one virtually ;).