Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My Technicolor Brain: Guest Postin' by The Royal Me

"MILK" or "DETS" © 2008

John Burgerman © 2009

HOLLA! It's Kaelea Ann (That's K-LEE) visiting from The Royal Me!

Firstly, I would like to thank Deb for lending me YOU while she is away being a (or what I hope) robust mountain woman eating bark and fighting mountain lions. Secondly, I would like to thank Deb for her worldliness, kindness, and sassafrasness, her friendship is dear to my heart. And this friendship has lead me to the topic of this post: COLOR.

Deb and I talk a lot about color, we are each others sounding board you could say: "What's hot for this season?" "Do these Flashbulb Fuchsia harem pants make me look fat? " "How can I get my new collection to portray the color of Icky's tongue?" Color is an emotion. Color has the power to provoke, envoke, overwhelm, empower! I design print and pattern so color is always on the forefront. I draw my inspiration from everyday life, so I thought I would share with you how I see color along with a few of my favorite things!

Color reminds me a lot of graffiti and living in New York, literally walls of color sending you a message. My counterpart grew up tagging the streets of the city, he's known as "DETS" to his old school pals but grew out of that and became "MILK". While he doesn't tag anymore (says he's too old) he makes me beautiful hand screened prints which envelopes the old (DETS) and the new (see that milk bottle?). Feel the love. John Burgerman, like the city of NYC, is extremely well versed in color and has the ability to layer and layer color distinctly without muddying his work. His installations include his work covering a gallery in black & white wallpaper. He gives you the chance to step in his shoes. John Burgerman let's YOU color all over his work. PS He's in town until August!

Color reminds me a lot of food too. Chefs are artists, the plate being their palette tantalizing the "viewer" by pairing the perfect vittles. My eyes are hungry. The cheeseburger is an explosion of color (flavor) and can best describe the costume of the day. Next time you walk down the street and someone asks "Girl, what you got on?" just say "Cheeseburger". I also threw in this fluro-skull a la Todd Selby purely based on the fact that it's extremely striking, burgers come from cows and I love his work. PS Homeboy gets into people's dwellings, photographs their knick-knacks and makes them fill out a questionaire.

Color reminds me a lot of sound too. Sound comes in blues and greens, well really it can come in all sorts, but the sounds I am thinking are summer sounds: The slopping sound of a rocked docked boat. Leaves blowing. Bicycle wheels cranking. The wind in your ears. The grass under your feet... PS I think we should all take the day off. My mind is certainly not at work after that!

I love color and I love the way it makes me think and feel and thank you again Deb for your constant inspiration and friendship and letting my brain explode all over your blog.


Bonbon Oiseau said... post. ever...i love it, love your color inspirations and your always spot on advice and thanks for saying all those nice things...put it on my tab ;)

i AM wearing cheeseburger..i hope my flight attendant doesn't mind.


Me luv big color..! ;P

susy said...

Good lord. That Cheeseburger!!!!!!!!!!
That Gorgeous Bike. That Milk Bottle.


This post was excellent. Seriously.

Denverette said...

I really heart the colored rims and the cheezeburgler.

The Royal Me said...

Oh hell yea!!!! Thanks dudes!!! I had a very fabu time thinkin' this one up!

i want a burger now.

Julia said...

Holy color wow! What a great post :)

Melissa de la Fuente said...

oh my....Kaelea Ann! Now, I am starving and dying for color and loving your adorable and fantastic post!
Your counterpart's work is beautiful...