Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday's Inspiration: Thank you P

Here are just a few glimpses from the new Spring '10 Collection, Gâteau Fourré (Layer Cake) coming to Paris tomorrow! The line was inspired by a photograph taken by P back in June at her engagement party. I loved the feel of that photo so much, I printed it and put it up on the wall of the studio. In a last minute push of producing this show from across the ocean energy, I texted P at 10 pm last night and asked if I could use it for my graphics--posters and lookbook cover etc. and she immediately sent over a high-res pic before 11. Wow.
P* is not only an inspiration but also an incredible friend. Thank you dear P.

Here is the formal description of the collection:

Gâteau Fourré: Bonbon Oiseau Spring/Summer 2010 Collection
"Inspired by ideas of layering and building, girlish fantasy and fables, tribal adornment & the gorgeous colors we saw in the souks of Morocco and the patisseries of Paris last Spring, we desired to create statement pieces that merged these inspirations while remaining bohemian yet elegant, playful yet thought-provoking for the wearer. Made with very old antique french & american glass & crystal beads, recycled glass beads from Ghana, brass rivets from India, and old collection of precious gemstones taken from old jewelry with hand-wrought sterling silver, each piece is unique and made by hand in Brooklyn, New York."

(*P's blog What Possessed Me is one of my favorites and I stalked her enough until she became my real life friend. So watch out people with excellent blogs! Also, look for P's guest post right here while I'm gone!)


What Possessed Me said...

Aw Deb, love you lots! Thank you for such a sweet post. It was nuthin'. But those necklaces are DELICIOUS - love the tribal layering and the delicacy and the colors. So so beautiful. You will kill it in Paris! xoxo

Asya said...

Beautiful new pieces, Deb. I am sure the new collection will be a hit in Paris. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

AC said...

Oh drooool! I love all of these! Have a great time in Paris.

Cindy said...

the new collection is so colorful and lively. your description is wonderful to read.

erin said...

so inspiring. the colors of the cupcakes are perfect.

Melissa de la Fuente said...

Good God! This is glorious! I adore it all and cannot wait to get my paws on some of that action! :) You are simply a genius my dear, a genius I say! :)
ps and inspired by P? What's not to love?! YAY!