Saturday, September 26, 2009

time out

my pretty red fleurs

alice in wonderland

pretty nasturtium

early fall evening light

bright pink cuts

so many expensive mushrooms

last of the soft white goat

first apples

Last night in the garden and this morning at the market I remembered myself a little and it felt good, even though the work's not quite done, it felt good.


mosey said...

Jeez, these photos are absolutely beautiful. I especially love the cut flowers and the apples!

cindy* said...

i'm glad your time out was the good kind ;)

Laura in Paris said...

I enjoyed the shots of this post. The mushrooms baskets, so in season, the first apples - I have been avoiding them so I can pretend it is still summer -, the cheeses in the market,and the flowers flowers flowers. It is good that you could think of yourself and take ... Time OUt! And thank you for visiting my blog.

Maria | Vintage Simple said...

I'm so glad you gave yourself permission to pause, Deb. Beautiful post.... Good luck, and enjoy Paris!

Limonada said...

Sorry I missed you yesterday morning, I was writing and revising my fairy tales for the reading. Hope to see you soon!

Callie Grayson said...

pretty images!
I enjoy walking through farmers markets, i get all giddy planning on going every Saturday!

Cannelle Et Vanille said...

how beautiful! i miss the nyc markets!

Marie said...

The remembering is important, cos that's where it all comes from :-)

Bon voyage et a bientot..

mayaluna said...

So good to get out and SEE. I love looking at life through your lens.Hope you've been well, Deb!
xo m