Friday, December 18, 2009


I love:

And then I won something so beautiful, from someone so beautiful, it gave me great pride to take these photos early this morning of the three things I love in one little (fantastically wrapped) package. Cindy from Quaint Handmade is starting a business: handmade garlands cut from gorgeous papers, carefully strung and so beautifully packaged, I let it sit for two days before I could even open it. She let me cvhoose which one I wanted and so for me I hardly had to think: yes butterflies cut from old maps. YES BUTTERFLIES!! Thank you Cindy!!!

p.s. I've extended my stay at the Gifted Market until Tuesday the 22nd so you have two extra days to visit me and find all kinds of great things from all kinds of great vendors...I may even bring my butterfly garland!


Julia said...

Oh, what a beautiful and precious butterfly garland! It looks wonderful strung up on your window!

nadia said...

I am so glad you won! yes what beautiful butterflies and packaging!

bigBANG studio said...

these are just darling! what a brilliant idea! a whole children's room laced with them would be just magical.

*and* i posted a wee bonbon in my last-minute gift-list today if you want to take a peek!

good luck at gifted! xo.

Cindy said...

oh wow, i love how you displayed it on the windows and your macro shots! when i found the vintage maps i immediately thought of you. i'm glad you like the garland and happy to send one to our bonbon. have a good weekend! it's going to snow in nyc!

heidi said...

Those are gorgeous! Thinking I might steal the idea for a fun kid project.... xxxoooh

blue moss said...

love cindy and her fabulous blog...and am so excited about her garlands :)
love the photos
happy weekend

molly said...

aren't you glad garlands came back as a form of expression?
this is wonderful...

raining sheep said...

Hi, I just wanted to stop by and wish you a very Merry Christmas and a blessed holiday season. May 2010 bring you all good things :) Hugs.

Monica said...

Amazing butterflies! And wonderful blog.

Mrs.French said...

lucky, lucky you...this is just surprise! ms. cindy is just full of pretty things! xo t