Friday, December 4, 2009

Little Stories






Once upon a time, I found an old Peruvian Milagro. It looked like a plump little torso, was made of tin and I really loved it. I wore it on a chain, way before I started designing jewelry and wore it not just because it was beautiful aesthetically, but because I thought it would protect me. I attached all kinds of meaning to it, that it would protect my heart (from breaking) and my health (which was fragile at the time) and make me stronger. It was my shield. It was my talisman. And everyone would stop me to figure out what it was and they'd smile because I guess it was kind of quirky. I would examine it all the time and finally tacked it on my wall so I could just look at it.

I found it in a little shop in Arizona and was told they were Milagros, or in English "little miracles". They're used throughout the Spanish speaking world as little visual prayers, to offer the wearer hope or protection, to carry their desires or intentions. Their meanings can be both literal and traditional. When I found more of the little vintage Peruvian pieces last year, I took them back to the studio and cast them in silver. We tried some different finishes, brushing the silver, oxidizing some and dipping some in 18k gold. It was a really wonderful process, focusing on these funny little powerful stories, and we talked about new meanings each time we picked them up. I decided to pair each with these little antique silver sequins I found in Paris to imbue each with a feeling of history and depth. Especially within the intensity and glare of the holiday season, I hope they will help to remember to keep breathing, remembering, creating, moving forward, or just to be for a few moments.

They'll premiere this weekend at my first markets and there are a few up already in my new little pop-up shop here. What stories do you see?


onesilentwinter said...

how wonderful deb! i too wear pieces that i believe protect me or give me strength even act like armor for my heart!

i love these and i love how they came about, very special they are.

Unknown said...

just wanted to say thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment on my blog today. i was SO honored to see your name, because i am such a huge fan of you, your blog and your jewelry. am going to go to your store right now actually... holiday gifts! :) xoxo have a lovely weekend, nina

Color Me Green said...

i love the calming names you gave these pieces and calming psychological effects of talismans. i used to keep a photo of an angel statue from florence over my door for that reason.

Cindy said...

i love create and move forward, together. wonderful!

heidi said...

beautiful!!! I see a totem to ward off kidney infections... a kick in the butt... a hand when you need one...a potato face... and so much more :-)

cindy* said...

i love these! move forward is my very favorite.

...i need to browse your shop soon for a little something for my mom, it seems the holidays are creeping up on me at warp speed...agh!

knack said...

what an awesome idea......I love them!

hope you have an awesome show this weekend!


cara said...

I love them! But I can't see anything but a face when I look at the last one. A very Mr Potatohead-esque kind of face. I quite like the idea of Mr Potatohead being my talisman though.

Anonymous said...

Bonbon, that was probably my favorite post of all time. I will 'be' home in a bit, darlin.

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

I could use a kick in the butt these days so that's definitely what I see in the two legs piece. :-) I only need cooler heads to maybe one of the heads with some frost crystals on it.

Can you tell I'm having a tough time at work? ;-)