Thursday, May 13, 2010

pouf envy

zid zid house tour/ cookie magazine

Sometimes I really want things. Other times I want to get rid of everything. Ever since returning from Morocco pouf-less last year, things have been weird. Poufs are everywhere. They cost hundreds of dollars. In Marrakech they cost thirty dollars. Thirty-five at the airport and believe me I thought about it. Jim kept saying just get one. I kept saying no, this way we can come back.

I want to sit around on them. I want to put my feet up. I want these poufs from Zid Zid. I want to go back to Morocco.


alexkeller said...

i remember that photo shoot in Cookie! that's when i started wanting a poof, too. west elm had some in silver & gold a few years ago, but they were pretty expensive, too.
35 DOLLARS?!?! are you mad, woman???? :D next time, i'll give you some cash & you can bring me back one, or vice versa. okay?

limonana said...

i must admit...i suffer from pouf envy too!! don't worry darling, there will always be a next time!!

Elizabeth said...

I am real life chums with Moulay and Julie of Zidzid! (GoGo!)
Yes, yes, to wanting to go back to Marrakesh
we meant to go this winter but failed to find
a dog sitter
we are overdue to meet and chat
much love

bigBANG studio said...

Ugh. To be poofless. I know the feeling.

If I had a thousand dollars sitting around just waiting to be spent on poufs, I'd opt for this SHAG TUFFET:

Color Me Green said...

just saw this guide to making your own poof on d*s and thought of you!