Friday, June 4, 2010

Man Week, Oh Ten

gone fishin'
my father-in-law (in the fish camouflage)
catching the illusive Canadian Beer Fish

jim und päter


come on people

Jim is gone for his yearly Man Week, fishing with the patriarchs of his clan, bringing up the brightest and biggest of Canada's fishes from the the clear blue waters using the power of their MINDS. This is last year's proof, which looks quite nice, but no girls are allowed (with a backwards "S"). I'll never know what Lake Mantrap (it's real name) looks like unless we go up for Girl Week. Who's with me? We can do the most girly things imaginable...what do you think?

(In the meantime I'll be at the Brooklyn Flea tomorrow making girls look pretty with new bonbons and some new things in time for Father's Day)


heidi said...

Just say the word, I'm IN on that mantrap action.

Color Me Green said...

girl-appropriate activities for the lake: picking wildflowers, drinking cold white wine, baking pies, sunbathing. those sound pretty good, don't they?

Cindy said...

oh yes, it looks so cool and fresh there. i love the photos and the one with the clouds is AWESOME! julia's ideas are perfect and we can add swimming and making some sort of art - no catching & cleaning fish - ugh!

jeremy really does look like jim and have you seen this?

oh my gawd! stay cool!

Marie said...

Sign me UP!


cindy* said...

we could totally paint each others nails!

The Royal Me said...

I want to go on man week! More importantly I want the moosehead paper towel holder.

molly said...

i'm girl enough for that.
i could girl up!

and yeah, i want a moosehead paper towel holder, too!