Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Money Clips Good For:

Father's Day, graduation, groom's gifts, birthdays, anniversaries, anytime really. Can you think of anything else? Clinical Studies* have shown that money clips are good for every man gift in your life and even some ladies have announced they've been using them too and loving them. Hallelujah!

See the new batch over on Bonbon Oiseau (along with some new keyfobs too-see 'em?) and from today until Wednesday, June 16th we'll stamp up to three initials on the back in time for Dad's Day free of charge~! Oh and free gift wrapping always my dears. Just mention you saw it on my blog...

(Spread the word and leave a comment here for free shipping too). Do you have a favorite?

*studies conducted at the bonbon school of bullshit.


bigBANG studio said...

The studies that come out of the Bonbon School of BS are my favorite kinds.

The hare is pretty fabulous. It's my favorite fo sho. Where do you find the wee creatures? Will spread the word and save my pennies until I can get one for my own wee wad of cash.

Katrina said...

love that bunny money clip. and i'm glad to know it is sanctioned by the bonbon school of bullshit. adorable you!

limonana said...

the rabbit is my favorite! you are such a talent :o)