Thursday, July 8, 2010

Cindy's Big Bonbon: A Bridal Headpiece Story

cindy cutie-pie's inspiration and dress

The Piece, modeled so Cindy could take a look

The Story starts with lovely Cindy, my little Hungry Girl Por Vida, a blog pal who has been an incredible bonbon supporter and such a dear friend over time, even though we've never actually met. She wrote last August after getting engaged and asked me to design the headpiece for her nuptials in June '10. She gave me total freedom to do what I wanted, sent her cutie-pie inspirations and this picture of her dress with the only instructions, THE BIGGER THE BETTER.

It's always a little difficult when you can't actually consult in person--she's in Nevada and I'm here in Brooklyn, so we did our best back and forth over the interwebs. Then last October in Paris, I found the most gorgeous vintage flower and thought: Cindy. Perfect.

It took me almost eight months to get it right, Cindy cheering along the way, "BIGGER! BIGGER!" and because I had time to play, I had oodles of fun with it, regarding and then adding flowers and feather wisps and more antique pieces to go with the playful colorful mood and also look bridal and elegant for her big day.

Look on Cindy's blog for more pictures–photos of Cindy's wedding by Courtney Wilson)

But look!~I think it worked! She looked so absolutely prettily perfect and I hope it was just the way she wanted. Love her and so happy for her new happy life with Sean!


Brooklina said...
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nadia said...

OH MY GOODNESS- i love cindy and the fact that you designed her head piece is so yummy! she looks gorgeous wow! SO beautiful dear deb sooooooo special both of you!

Maria | Vintage Simple said...

Oh, I love it!! All of it. Your connection with Cindy, your beautiful bonbon, her gorgeous wedding day..! What a beautiful thing - your friendship, your head piece, and the story behind it...

I always think of you, dear Deb, and wonder what adventures you are up to. I'm sending a big hug your way.

much love,

cindy* said...

aw! yay! what a sweet post miss deb!

i love it so was perfect and everyone else loved it too! everything came together perfectly and it was so awesome to have such a special, custom is now officially an heirloom! i cannot thank you enough for taking so much time and care to create something so one-of-a-kind...i love it and you too!

sometimes more is more and better too!

xoxo a million times! cindy

Cindy said...

the flower looks gorgeous as does the dear bride. her wedding looked like so much fun and it's no surprise. such a wonderful collaboration and the flower is something cindy can treasure for years to come.

limonana said...

Gorgeous, perfect, soooo romantic. well done lady! you are such a talent.