Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My Niece Sophie Stein

My niece Sophie Stein:
-Rescued a burning house. She saw black smoke coming out of it from the car window and yelled for mom to call 911. She is a good samaritan.

-Decided she LOVED pork ribs on Friday night during a super BBQ meat-fest held by her father, with Uncle Jim the grill-meister at the helm.

-Is never afraid to inquire with the lifeguard what time the tide comes in and save our beach blanket from a mini-tsunami.

-Won two packs of gum from Jim in a rousing game of badminton. She also informed him on the ride to the gum store, that even if they had to buy the gum at the gas station where the choices are somewhat limited, she could easily find two packs she'd enjoy. When she came home she yelled, "WHO WANTS A PIECE OF PIÑA COLADA GUMMMMMM?"

-Sophia Hana Satchmo Stein is considering signing a contract that states she will still let me hug and kiss her even when she turns 21. In return, I promise her a lifetime of grilled meat, piña colada flavored chewing gum and to continue to perform all auntly duties with extra enthusiasm and love.

niece sophie and aunt debbie's guns looking buff here huh?


Cindy said...

sounds like an offer sweet sophie will not refuse! love those guns!

Simply Mel {Reverie} said...

Deb ~

You are the best auntie, and I bet those hugs your sweet sophie niece receives are stellar (especially with those buff arms!).


Anonymous said...

awwww... I am SO cute -SS-


nadia said...

have her sign it!!!! how wonderful is she- it all sounds lovely!

cindy* said...

i didn't know this was a gun show!

i love this...sophie is a doll! i love nieces, mine was born yesterday, her name is Ava and she is the prettiest!

to being cool aunts ;)

molly said...

gads, ya gotta love the nieces! man, you two are some lucky, gun-arm-toting ladies!

Amy@Old Sweet Song said...

I am sorry but I just have to say it.

You look super hot in this pic.

That is all.