Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bright Color and Sunshine at the Brooklyn Flea

New colors for our silver lining necklaces, and in this case a translation with pretty old stock brass chain. Every cloud has a brass lining? Doesn't sound as good but these are super pretty (and affordable). Mod, a little hippy, and very very pretty, camera's coming with me today to find some willing models!

(Next week, all the Silver Lining necklaces will go up on line for reals, ready for the larger word beyond Brooklyn.)


amy turn sharp said...

so so nice to meet you at the show in NYC. Sorry i thought I knew you! But- now I do know yr gorgeous work and blog! :)

mosey said...

Which Brooklyn Flea? Williamsburg by chance?

Bonbon Oiseau said...

Nice to meet you too Amy! I loved your work too!

And Mosey--usually I'm at the BF on both Sats in Ft Greene and Suns in Wburg but this coming week just Sat in Fort Greene!

Next week we return to your regularly scheduled Bonbon-Brooklyn Flea program! come!

Becky said...

Stunning. Love the colours, I am currently reading a book about Frida Kahlo and feeling inspired by all things bright and vivid.