Thursday, May 26, 2011


Last week I picked my first patio rose, you know the ones. It was little and delicate and fragrant like licorice. That little guy is a game changer as they say. The rosesplosion is on. Rosewater will grace tonight's roast chicken, rose petals atop dessert, in honor.


Amanda said...

I see your GLASS JAR, lady Deb.

And it. sees. me.

raining sheep said...

Goodness, I only have one flower starting to bloom in my back yard and it has been raining for five days straight so I am not even enjoying looking at it. I am off to new york with hubby on Monday for a week and then I stay on an extra three days for business. We are renting a place in Gramercy Park. I cannot wait. It looks like the weather forecast there is looking a bit better than it has been.

Nanette said...

Oh, how I adore rosewater!