Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Come Over

Here it is. Our new apartment, our work in progress. We are suddenly home.
The diamond in the rough from August is now starting to charm us in November. There's still a lot to do.
But I'll tell you, I had no idea how liberating moving would actually be. It kicked everything into high gear, but the slow gear is feeling pretty good. Slow gear feels right at home. You told me that but I didn't believe it. Our friends and family helped us a lot.

I'll start the house tour with the Dining Room. It gets insanely good light. It has a larder.
We painted these floors white. It hosted Thanksgiving. We are slowly hoping for a something big for the wall across from the fireplace. The cats are into being fat all over the day bed. The day bed likes it.

“The autumn leaves are falling like rain
Although my neighbors are all barbarians
And you, you are a thousand miles away
There are always two cups at my table.”
T’ang dynasty poem


onesilentwinter said...

i love it!! welcome home Jim and deb!

Cindy said...

that light, the fireplace, and floors...I love it!

Anonymous said...

Larder? Larder!!

Elaine said...

yes, you have the touch, wherever you go. looks like your home.

Color Me Green said...

congrats on having a home that is looking like a home. i love the white floors and the light!

Unknown said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this room and all of its lovely details. You're right, the light is outrageously good and the white floors make it even more's got the most beautiful glow. The room is so warm it makes me want to be inside of it. I love the little couch/bed near the window...perfect for lounging after a meal on that amazing table. If you'd like something for the wall I'm sure I could help you:) xx

Cindy said...

your place looks as though you've lived there forever. i love the white floor, the fireplace and a dining room large enough to hold such a wonderful table & the company that goes with it.

molly said...

its amazing.

AC said...

Looks wonderful! Already so homey and cozy. I like moving and seeing my old things in new arrangements and places.

Joie said...

I want to go to there