Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thanksgiving Menu 2011

***holy crap, little pies can not get much cuter

An LIC Thanksgiving:
Roast Turkey w/ Cider, Sage and Roasted Cippollini Onion Gravy
Wild Rice Stuffing w/ Wild Mushrooms and Chestnuts
Acorn Squash Roasted w/ Pomegranate Molasses & Marcona Almonds
Sweet Potatoes Baked w/ Brown Sugar and Black Pepper
Brussel Sprouts w/ Pancetta and Parsley
Mixed Greens w/ Pears and Pumpkin Seeds & Balsamic
Cranberry Sauce with Clementines & Elderflower Liquor
Cider and Wines
Corn Bread, desserts and pies by Sandy and my nieces, appetizers by mom and sisters-in-laws.

Thanksgiving made and served in our new place this year.
The current here is not a lot of steps, no casseroles, no butter overload, just food in its simplest form, not a lot of fuss, married with pretty and delicious partners to bring out it's best. No offense butter. Making menus, a too favorite past-time and way to avoid other types of paperwork, in these gray NY days...

photos: ** via Saveur, *** via Sunday in Bed


Color Me Green said...

i've started working on my thanksgiving menu but yours sounds more delicious! i can't get too inventive or my relatives will be scared.

Marie said...

Sounds wonderful. Loving the cider.

walnut creek shutters said...

Whatever food you prepare should be fine. What is most important is that you are sharing it with family, with loved ones, on one of the most important occasions of the year when family should be together.