Thursday, April 4, 2013

A New Bonbon Oiseau Pop-Up Shop

A new little shop where you can find some very limited edition bonbons. And when they run out, I'll replace it with some new colors, some new pieces. It's exciting. It just launched today, my birthday.

And if you want to help a sister out, go to my new 
Bonbon Oiseau Jewelry page on Facebook. 
Like it. Enter the little giveaway on the top post there 
to win yourself a set of bonbons. You just have to  leave me a comment and tell me what your favorite color is out of all the new Golden Lining Necklaces in the Pop-Up. 
Instructions are there. I can't tell you anymore. Just trust me on this one. And by helping me understand what colors you like, I also know what new colors to keep going with and maybe which ones not to. Thanks friends. 
Love, bonbon

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elizabeth said...

Hi Bonbon!
Come to see me in Chelsea!