Monday, December 8, 2008

What's in The NYC Food Bank Raffle Basket You May Ask?

Before I tell you all later tonight about the Studio Soirée on Saturday (and all the wonderful surprise people who showed up!) and the Gifted Holiday Market in Fort Greene yesterday, first let me tell you about the raffle.
We raised $345 on Saturday and almost $80 on-line (update: just added $50 for a total of $475! Yeehaw!) to benefit the Food Bank of NYC...and two whole weeks to go! What we'd love is to raise at least $2000 since for every dollar donated and organization called Robin Hood will triple our donation! That's $6000 for the mathmatically challenged (like myself) that you will help to raise!!! So to entice you and stimulate your giving finger (just hit the donate button below) here is the final round-up of prizes (worth almost $500 combined!) all for one lucky winner generously donated by the following amazing people:
1. 6 5x7 prints from the Purple Series, Blissful Images by Traci French

2. Set of 12 Bird Notecards by Le Papier Studio

3. Robin Coasters by Sesame Letterpress

4. Baby Alpaca Knit Hat handmade in Peru
from Hortensia Handmade

5. Two Packs of the Most Delicious Cookies
from TeaSpot NYC

6. Tiny Basket, Earthenware by Perch Designs

7. One-Of-a-Kind Pheasant Necklace in Silver
by Bonbon Oiseau

8. Organic Provence Bath Tea, Bath Salts
& Handmade Soy Candle by Brooklyn's own Self+Therapy

9. Open Road Publishing's Best of Paris
& Eating & Drinking in Paris Guides

10. Handmade Fascinator, Antique Feather & Flower by
Bonbon Oiseau Jewelry

11. Two Birds, handmade by Ann Wood Handmade

12. Antique Lace (not shown but very beautiful!) from High Desert Diva

Come and buy a raffle ticket for $5 at any of the events I'll be at
(look over at the sidebar for details!)
or for $10 on-line via paypal...*
just send to deb at bonbonoiseau dot com!

You have until December 21st at 5pm to enter!

click here:

Thank you for trying your luck and giving to such an important cause this season!!!
* We're only taking U.S. entries at this time but if you live overseas and don't mind paying for shipping (about USD$75), by all means enter! We'd like to give as much as we can to the food bank and not the P.O.!

**Any donation of $100 or more and I will send a pair of these little bonbons (as well as enter your name 10 times into the raffle!)


P said...

Deb - it was so wonderful meeting you on Saturday! Melissa, Marichelle and I had a fabulous time at your soiree. Thank you so much for having us!


Elizabeth said...

What an incredible amount of goodies from all your warm-hearted contributors! Congratulations on such a successful weekend, can't wait to hear more about it.

Julia said...

INCREDIBLE! Go, go go :)

Unknown said...

congratulations!~ the gift box is just exquisite. beautiful. you never cease to amaze! what a wonderful project.

Mrs.French said...

this is what the holiday season is all about my dear...xo me

Anonymous said...

Listing pending at

Katrina said...

you won my photo giveaway! "i cheer for you, every time" yes i do. send me your email address so we can coordinate a package to arrive at your dear doorstep. congrats to you!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, what incredible goodies! I love the Ann Wood birds...

This is such a nice idea!


muralimanohar said...

Aww...I just TOTALLY blew out my charity budget for this season today...Good luck to the rest of you! :D

Anonymous said...

Hi Deb, I'm so sad I missed your studio sale but my weekend was crazy. I just bought TWO raffle tickets - I feel lucky! (and generous) Happy Holidays!

Deniz said...

Hello -this is fabulous!!! I discovered your blog through mrs.french's bliss. I hope that this will exceed all your expectations :D
will visit often,put it on my following list

montague said...

SUCH loveliness, and for SUCH a good cause!
i'm crossing my fingers!

Chris said...

Wow, what a spread! Looks like it'll be one fantastic raffle!

Victoria said...

Wonderfully generous idea! Best wishes for this terrific fundraiser being a great success!

Superdumb Supervillain said...

lovely package! I'm going to PayPal right now...

Anonymous said...

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