Saturday, December 20, 2008

Bonbons for the Holidays

This week I delivered some big shop orders and breathed a great sigh. It's always a little stressful sending out packages for me--our hard work all wrapped up in a bundle and shipped on a wing and a prayer that it will get across the country or the sea and safely to it's destination. Here's where they went and where you can find bonbons this season:
We sent some beautiful silverwork chains and the new corsage/pendants from our Spring Collection to Coincidence in Tokyo again and are excited that Ships in Japan took our money clips for their men's department this season!Oh and the sweet Vittoria Bergui and her sleek shop Terra in the gorgeous Ligurian seaside town of Alassio has some new things for the holidays-she's been carrying bonbons for the past two years so I think I need to visit soon, don't I? And another new shop for us is Miho (sorry I don't have their website yet!), a boutique department store in Taiwan!
~And in NYC, Only of my favorite boutiques! I hand delivered their order to the shop on Mott Street ...they took the perfectly romantic holiday collection of vintage lockets and gold-dipped whistles which go perfectly with their own line of cozy sexy lingerie out of which I want it all (I was soo close to buying myself a new nightie). I'm hoping they get shopped out so we can deliver more!

And then of course there's the brightest star in Park Slope's fantastic shopping scene, Cog & Pearl, our oldest and most faithful carrier of all things Bonbon and purveyor of beautiful things. They have a big selection of bonbons and they've been putting out a little more each week...we just sent them the THIRD delivery this month! We design a lot of one-of-a-kind pieces for them which you won't find anywhere else but the best part? You don't have to live in NY to buy from them--they have a gorgeous website that I just noticed features our pheasant necklace front and center!! woohoo! And I'm about to drop off a few more new pieces this morning to Self+Therapy on Grand Street (just off Bedford Ave.) in Williamsburg--they have some great new pieces-keyfobs and money clips and our infamous heirloom collection grace the beautiful shop/spa, where you can also pick some gift certificates for a massage--I think I'll buy myself one...{sigh}. (Also, read Tamika's wonderful post today on the self+therapy blog---it's a perfect love song about giving!)


Unknown said...

your business savvy is an inspiration to me...

Cindy said...

you are so busy and it's absolutely wonderful in light of all the bad news we're constantly hearing from the media. the silverwork chains and the new corsage/pendants look so beautiful.

i'm not sure if we'll be able to get to fort greene tomorrow, but please keep my bonbon and we can work it out through the mail, if necessary. we'll try, but scott commutes to coney island during the week and i can't put him through a crazy weather day on sunday, although he would do it.

xo, c

Helene said...

You are crazy busy and yet fond the time to give us updates. My hat's off to you while I keep drowning in chocolate :)
Did you get that new camera yet?

P.S: can you forward me your address again. Santa's got something for you to thank you for the maple crack and continuous support these past month.

Fifi Flowers said...

ENJOY the season! Happy first day of Winter! Fifi

Melissa de la Fuente said...

Oh, these are all so gorgeous Deb and I am so excited for all this wonderful business coming your way!
I sure wish I could have come in to see you today, I sure hope you all had fun!

Mary-Laure said...

I'm so happy to read about these orders - just think how your pieces travel the world, it's just wonderful!