Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Vaguery and A Little Stuck

ALL images by photographer/idol Todd Selby©

I am needing a new space in which to work.
Rachel, resident design genius who I am lucky enough to live below suggests before I get carried away with re-inventing Bonbon I reinvent the space in which I work which. At the moment it is not a well-spring for creativity, just a jumbled up bit of tables and bad bookkeeping. And tools and fire. And bits upon bits and feathers and metal and at the moment a giant boar's head that Jim brought in for some reason. That's why I skipped my Monday Dose of Inspiration for a little Tuesday reality check. When this happens there is only one solution: re-assess, re-do, re-organize. Can't think otherwise.
She suggests I make three lists.
1. the non-negotiables
2. the negotiables
3. my wish-list.

I am going to do the following 10 things:
1. pare it down to only meaningful objects and important work items
2. ask myself the hard questions.
3. dump the tool drawer into the middle of the room.
4. shed.
5. toss.
6. feel unhinged.
7. sweat.
8. paint.
9. figure out where to put things
10 drink whiskey.

Anyhow, this was how Rachel explained it to me. Or at least how I heard it. Number 10 should go down the easiest.
OK then, feel free to help me. You know how I feel about you all. Any ideas and other nice pictures of work spaces gladly accepted. bonbonoiseau @ aol dot com. I am obsessive.


Amy@OldSweetSong said...

Good luck, friend. I need to do this for my work space, why oh why is it so hard to get and stay organized? Keep us abreast (ha. breast.) of all developments.

Elizabeth said...

Dear Bon
cross -pollination in the blogosphere
our work space/living abode needs to be re-vamped
my brain needs to be re-vamped
hot sticky weather does not make for happy campers round here

Holly, Wood and Vine, Ltd. said...

All I know is that now: I need to polish my silver; I want some Meyer geranium soap; and a new butcher block :-)

The Royal Me said...


i like the list making, i like the whiskey drinking, i like the reorganization!

what about fresh paint? what about re-purposing things you may have hidden away? what about rearranging pictures you have hung on your walls? plants? OMG!!!!!

what about a label maker??

need help?! :)
i love cleaning and organizing!

Marie said...

Um...that wasn't Holly, Wood and Vine. That was me. *blush*

Simply Mel {Reverie} said...

Whiskey is a very good tip!

I agree with 'wiping the slate clean' and then started over after purging those needless items. Your mind will be cleared and the creative juices will flow again...

lotta said...

Sounds like very good advice. it will be fun to start afresh even if it is in your old space. I am secretly dreaming of my own retail/studio space away from our abodes. I don't know if it ever will happen, but I can picture it in my mind...

molly said...

dude! i'm planning on leaving my whole studio behind and start anew! i'm hoping the studio i (think i) want will still be available when i get home... ahh, studio space. at least we HAVE it, right?!

Rachel Wood Massey said...

you know who's gonna help ya with the whiskey.

Asya said...

I so agree with Rachel. Having a space that is inspiring makes a huge difference. When I love my studio space, it makes me want to be there, making stuff. There is a really great book, called Artists at Work by David Seidner. Very inspiring with images of Cindy Sherman's, Richard Serra's, Cy Twombly's, Louise Bourgeois's spaces, to name a few. I look at it often when I'm down on my studio.

Katrina said...

good luck! i think your list of 10 things is right on spot. i just finished reading the apartment therapy 8-week cure... it's amazing! maybe a good 8-week reform project for your studio space? and whiskey, for sure, with ginger beer and mint in my opinion. enjoy!

Clarity said...

Beautiful photographs, the kissing birds made me smile.

I agree with a big declutter and redesign once in a while. Artists tend to hoard if they don't keep things in check. Might I suggest a strawberry,banana and apple smoothie to sustain you prior and during said redo?

Mrs.French said...

I am spaceless...I will live vicariously through you at the moment...any space would be quite lovely in my opinion...xo t