Sunday, December 13, 2009

Holiday Spirit

lots of bonbons

porcelain skulls by beetle and flor

The Gift Local sale at Flatbush Farm yesterday was a beautiful one. The light streaming in, the old bar and brick and ivory walls created a warm organic backdrop. The goods were so thoughtful, beautiful, sophisticated from handcarved walnut-wood rings, muslin scarves dyed with tea and saffron, porcelain skulls with 14K gold-glazed teeth to leather bags, and of course lovely jewelry ;) it was one of the prettiest sales of the year I think. I love the designers and artists that I have gotten to know over the years and new ones as well. So happy to have been able to show with them in this new setting. It was especially nice to see people coming out to see us instead of heading to the mall. Sweet Tamika, the event's organizer, says it best.

When Vanessa called me from the Gifted event (which is also quite nice and I'm back there today through next Sunday), I was on my fourth mulled cider with calvados and had just eaten a lunch of duck confit over lentils with frisee and organic sunnyside-up eggs.
Flatbush Farm is my new favorite place, hands down.

(Read here about the Brooklyn Rescue Mission which this event was created to benefit!)


erin said...

deb, this looks incredible! such a beautiful setting for such beautiful goods. went to the risd holiday sale yesterday and got to meet asya of gleena. so lovely, in every way. xo.

AC said...

ah crap, i missed it! self-imposed sweatshop labor - been knitting all weekend.

Asya said...

Hi Deb, Your photos are beautiful, as always, they make me long for Brooklyn. Miss you.

bigBANG studio said...

Darling Deb! You are SUCH a rock star! Flashbush Farm and Bar(n) looks like a place where a girl could hang her bonnet for EVER- I *wish* I could have been there. Your work is as fresh, inventive, gorgeous, and dreamlike as ever, and all the amazing goodies -wild turkey feathers, gilt teeth, hand-dyed snarfles, letterpressed bunnies- look to die for.

WELL DONE. I'm so proud of you, my dear! You are *quite* an inspiration.

Also, I wore your necklace to my opening in LA this weekend and it was very good luck indeed. I treasure it.

big hugs. rest easy. xo!

blue moss said...

what a fabulous setting....everything looks so great! wish i could have been much better than the mall

molly said...

oh, it LOOKS beautiful... so lucky to be part of such a warm fuzzy! good for you!