Friday, July 9, 2010

First Harvest on Tiny Farm

uno mas rose and some good looking tomatoes etc.

more little things: two figs, some little cherry tomatoes,
green beans and a yellow cucumberer

seriously dudes, that was one big squarsh

mid-summer heat and tiny insectual assholes eating my nasturtium and biting my nicotania.
YOU WILL NOT GET MY ROSES! I'll get you critters.

man blossoms and the second yellow cucumber all gathered on my favorite plate

For weeks I thought I was destined to eat squash blossoms and herbs I don't know the latin names of all summer. Apparently and according to something I happened to read, squash blossoms for fritter-making are the male flowers. And suddenly the other day, I combed through my tiny farm garden and saw it: The biggest squash in the world (probably), growing out of some female blossom's ass! Squash is the ass of a lady flower!

Disregard that if it sounds unappetizing when I say, we shaved that blossom's ass (aka the SQUASH) thin, doused it with olive oil, a few drops of sherry vinegar and chopped garden mint, seasoned with sea salt and cracked pepper, served with thin slices of prosciutto and fig quarters.
Sliced the tomatoes, sprinkled with salt, great olive oil Vanessa just brought us back from Italy, tore some basil on top and served with some justifiably expensive French feta cheese from Whole Foods, which was the only international--read here: not local, dish of the evening. The rest was from Tiny Farm, the new name of my high-yield-for-now garden.


cindy* said...

i love tiny farm! and squash ARE the ass of the lady squash flowers...made me laugh very first thing this morning...thanks deb ;)

Marie said...

God, you are gross! I knew I didn't like squash for a reason! :-)

But you make up for it with delightfully composed pictures and what an awesome crop! I am really impressed. Wow. I am so jealous of your male, Will Jim eat them, once he knows? What does that say about him?

And the Brazilian treatment for the squash seems the only way to go, my mom does that to hers, too(her zucchini!!). Yum yum yum.

Loved this post. I'll go now.

Think I need a shower.

Bonbon Oiseau said...

i know. i am gross. new name for a blog though: squash is the ass of a lady blossom. sounds a lot like your destiny is stone golden.

Cindy said...

i don't care where it comes from, i love zucchini, especially fritters which are so good fried with some salt! yum! your farm is certainly providing some beauties and i love the plate. i'd also love to sneak into your garden for that gorgeous rose like one of your critters, but don't want to wind up with buckshot or your foot up my ass ;). enjoy your weekend!

erin said...

i LOVE tiny farm. a lot.

Marichelle said...

Deb! That plate of yummy prosciutto, fig and blossom ass or whatever it is looks delish. Ya killin' me here :) ok 12 more minutes until NJHW!!

Asya said...

Yummy yum yum! Your harvest is beautiful and looks delicious. I love that you use your platter so often, thank you!

Callie Grayson said...

mmm don't you just love first harvest!
I can't wait until all my tomatoes are ready!!!!!

hmstrjam said...

yum yum yum