Friday, May 27, 2011

Getting the Most out of Your Garden Roses

The Rose Chronicles or Getting the Most out of Your Garden Blooms:
1. Look out in utter disbelief that you have woken up to such an insane amount of blooms.
2. Think, "What did I do right?"
3. Pick and cut as many blossoms as possible (before the petals fall off in less than half an hour) and surround yourself with them in as many places as your abode has to offer.
4. Look at them constantly and think, "Oh you little guys. You little magical miracles."
5. Put your nose in their soft little blossom faces as often as possible and breathe deeply. Cliché sure, but let it be said: intoxicating, right?
6. Catch all the delicate velvety petals (which will fall off in the aforementioned half an hour) and scatter over your husband while he sleeps, throw in your bath water, save for your ice cream or make jam or use for this something delicious, (as long as you don't grow them with chemicals.)
7. Let them make you fee romantic. Suffer tiny heart pangs if you have to leave them for a few days. Appreciate them as fleeting jewels, inspirations, the kindest offerings you can give to yourself as they keep on coming to you and you stop. to. smell them...

*I both blame and thank P. and Marie for David Austin


Becky said...

Oh how wonderful!

Tracey said...

Eeeeeep! *Love*!

Tracey said...

You inspired me to make some rose petal/chamomile infused almond oil this weekend, girl! So much fun to hear from you - xo T.