Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Weather Like a Cloud

I love this weather like a cloud forest, a steady mist and rain you can count on. It's like a monsoon in it's relentlessness but hopefulness too, that from the tedium will come verdant things, and in the meantime, mild, humid, steadily grey.
It's keeping me focused on watercolory ideas and sprouting some new plans.


jiji said...

Ah, love the second photo. Looks like a little heart!

Cindy said...

yes, it does makes things soft and if you can step between the rain drops, the overcast skies give a nice light. quiet in a way.

erin said...

watercolory ideas sound like good ideas to have. ps. soon, we're neighbors! yes, let's meet!

flwrjane said...

You are so lucky your peonies are still in bud.

Mine lie shattered. piles of red and pink petals everywhere. Almost covering up the quickly growing weeds.

Rain 2 peonies 0.

my friend loved her earrings by the way. Thank you, they were enchanting.