Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December So Much Planning

via bloom

So much planning and doing. Today designing my table for the Nightwood sale this weekend inspired by beautiful images from Bloom Magazine. Also organizing our raffle to go live later today in honor of the first night of Chanukah or Hannukah or Hannnukkkkah and taking a ride in the storm out to Mom's to celebrate with her. How is your season's planning going?


bigBANG studio said...

DEBFEST, you are one busy gem-wallah. I finally got around to snapping some shots of Dinkar-ji and Urmilla-ji before leaving Landour for good (sniff-sniff) and will email them to you pronto.

We're in Jaipur now, and if you need someone to source you some Rajasthani baubles, let a girl know.

So delighted to see your amazing work for the continually inspire. xo

onesilentwinter said...

I am in love wi th the scarf in the first picture!!

Cindy said...

these photos are wonderful and your decorations must be equally wonderful because you're very attuned to your inspirations. i picked up the most wonderful vintage figurine made of wood in portmanteau in williamsburg. it's so precious and tiny. i hope to see you at one of your shows.