Tuesday, December 7, 2010

December is Decembery

a little nap sounds pretty good.
December plugging away...making, wrapping, sending shiny objects like crazy here in the studio! Icky and Maxine are helping out as you can see. The studio as per usual in December looks like a bomb went off of shiny objects, string and paper. But we have a new little collection:

these are ready for purchase on our big cartel site but there's only a few of each...

New little collection of earrings and necklaces up here! They're made from baubles I collected in Paris in October: gorgeous little faceted crystal "rosemounts" from the 1920's, elephants, half moons, full moons with little etched stars--perfect for earrings and necklaces--take a look! It's the Persephone Holiday Collection: Persephone was the Goddess of Spring Renewal (amongst other neat things) and what better to wear for the holidays than shiny pretty things that celebrate the spirit of regrowth and renewal? Made with my favorite Persephone in mind who has been such a great and supportive friend and always inspires with her intelligence and style and intelligent style.
Virginia Galvan's beautiful display at the Nightwood Holiday Fair
--I love her work (and her)Thank god for Lindsay's tostadas. That girl can cook.
we are seriously going to do another event together or host a cooking class where she teaches us her magic for realzes.

We did the Nightwood Holiday Fair over the weekend and it was so nice! The atmosphere was really beautiful and it was nice to get to know some new cooks, designers, artists and hang out with old friends too. I really love what the Nightwood ladies are doing. I can't get Nadia's astrology pillows out of my brain and on my wishlist for the future is one of Mariah's cabinets. It will happen. If you can check out next weekend's Part Two (before or after you come to mine!) you'll be really glad you did--a direct train ride to/from here!
OH and HEYYYYY! EXCITEMENT IN THE HOUUUUSE! The Puro Corazon bags just arrived this morning in a big giant box from Peru! We'll be selling them this weekend at the Bonbon & Friends Studio Holiday Soirée & Sale! That is if I don't selfishly snatch all of them up myself. Carolina also sent little goodies for the gift bags but there's only 20 so come on time!
They are so freaking gorgeous I can't stand it. Here's a sneak peek at what's still in the wrappers...I hope you're coming!!!
And the raffle prizes for the gift basket have been arriving all week too...Vana's book and Hortensia's hat is here...and two new additions will be announced later tonight!! To buy a ticket to help out the Food Bank for NYC hit the donate button over on the sidebar--the tix are $10 on-line and $5 at any of the sales we'll be at this month!

**Ok back to work. Don't forget the last day to shop for Bonbons is December 17th--we're offering 25% of all necklaces, earrings and bracelets on our main bonbon site and 15% off of our any moneyclips or keyfobs (great gifts for him!). Just write JINGLE15-25 in your subject line!


What Possessed Me said...

Where can I get helpful cats like that?! Srsly.

I love my namesake collection! Will you keep an elephant for me for Saturday's sale?

Bonbon Oiseau said...

of course P..but which one?

My Castle in Spain said...

ah if only i lived in NY ! would love to come...Lots of luck and plenty of sales Deb !!!

limonana said...

look at all the pretty goodies!!

Unknown said...

lovely blog Deb! thanks for the shoutout...may I borrow that photo?
good luck this weekend!


Bonbon Oiseau said...

of course my little chilanga! can't wait to see you again this weekend!