Thursday, December 16, 2010

The 900th Post and Great Food Bank Raffle News

I'm so happy to announce on my 900th post on Your Destiny is Stone Golden, some new additions to the Incredible Box of Possible Winnings donated by some of my favorite designers and artists from the Brooklyn Flea in support of the Food Bank for New York City. See all the new contributions here and click on any of the donate buttons to try your hand!

It's only $10 to enter here on-line and $5 at the Bonbon Oiseau Booth G57 at Brooklyn Flea's Gifted until December 23rd or this weekend only, Decemeber 18th & 19th at The Williamsburg Winter Wonder Local Designer Market!


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Katrina said...

your 900th post! what an accomplishment. congratulations to you and your dear, dear blog.

Anonymous said...

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