Saturday, December 18, 2010

Today is Winter Wonderland Day

a few from what we can expect at the
Williamsburg Winter Wonderland this weekend

I love you all sooo much. I love when people ask "how do you do this all?" because it makes me
a. feel like wonder woman b. feel like the wizard of oz and c. think "do what all? this is my job. I get to meet everyone who actually wants a bonbon and the feedback is amazing!" d. they're right. I am crazy.

The holiday events proliferate every year. There's not one event I don't wish we were part of so we do them all but I do with them with the help of the amazing Vanessa (her new stage name) who has tirelessly been making and working and filling all our orders and will be at Brooklyn Flea's Gifted for us all weekend. And also to Breck and Denise who are so sweet to be womanning the beautiful Pop-Up, The Waterfront Mercantile Winter Market over on Columbia Street. And today I am typing little signs to tell the story of my new collection which I will take over to the Winter Wonderland in Williamsburg at the Big Sky Works Studio (it's a trapeze studio!) I suppose that's why I'm up at 5:19 a.m. Excited.

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Amanda said...

You are the wonder-womanest of them all.

(Was hoping to give you a merry hug at Gifted this weekend--will give you a cyber one instead, since you're elsewhere. Happy Christmas, darling lady.)