Monday, June 15, 2009

Letter to Failure and Monday's Inspiration: The Rain Museum

monsoon in delhi

monsoon in calcutta
by bikas das from the new york times

monsoon in mumbai

both images above from the rain museum

Part One: Dear Hard-Drive Failure
I had written an elaborate "letter to my hard drive failure" last week when nothing went my way, erased it by accident on the old "kiss of slow death" OLD OTHER computer and then gave up and went analog after my last post here. If I had had a rotary phone it would have been a perfect week.
Then, in addition to all the things I needed a computer for including three events, a Father's Day Sale and numerous inquiries and obligations, I comforted myself by creating an old fashioned blog: I searched books and magazines for topics and inspiration and wrote you all letters on paper. I thought about linking to those so you could find them by tying strings to things and taking pictures of it with my old Canon A1 (the one with film that needs to be developed) or just by giving you the card catalog number (according to the dewey decimal system) so you could find them at the library, and finally putting each one in an envelope and sending them off to you in envelopes with actual stamps via the US Mail.

Nah. I didn't do all that. I waited two days for an appointment, took said hard drive failure to a "genius" and they fixed him all up. He seems to be whirring less and has called off his rainbow wheel of doom in favor of an easy morning at home, taking it easy after his big "vacation". I'm feeding him butter-less toast and weak tea and we're both looking outside at the sun trying to come out.

Which leads us to Part Two: The Rain Museum
The Rain Museum, found while looking at monsoon pictures, a bit of a readjustment of our thoughts and complaints about rain I'd say. Readjusting our ideas and complaints is always inspiring, I think. Happy Monday lovies...glad to be back.


Christine--RHP said...

Oh dear, what a bummer! glad you got 'er all fixed up. That rainbow wheel is a harbinger of death in my world too--I had a mac harddrive do the slow dance of death to the rainbow wheel a few years back, and it still scares me...have you backed everything up twice yet?
those rain pix are lovely too. Glad you're back on track!

erin said...

my goodness, glad to hear that the computer genius could offer some help--what a pain!

heidi said...

A Rain Museum!!!!!
Must become a member this instant!

Elizabeth said...

Rain turned to art
I think the India pictures take the cake----quite wonderful
so sorry for your techno woes

When can you come to chelsea?
soon soon

Marie said...

OMG My mother fed me butterless toast and weak tea.

Have you tried flat coke?


Glad he's better again. Glad you're back!

cindy* said...

love it when you talk all analog and ground mail and dewey decimal, and let's not even start on film...

no more rainbow pinwheel of despair! the rainbow, btw, doesn't make it any less foreboding... been there, glad to see that you both made it out okay...glad to see you back!

love this inspiration, reminds me of the time we spent in south korea and we slept on the roof of my aunt and uncles building. we've been having an uncommon amount of rain here, but no complaints...we need all the precipitation we can get out here.

Tess Kincaid said...

Amazing rainy pics.

molly said...

readjusting--truly, always inspiring.

High Desert Diva said...

Glad you are back!

And I'm re-thinking my careless use of the word monsoon after looking at these images.

onesilentwinter said...

yes rain! i love the pictures you have chosen for this post. i soemtimes really like being disconnected- my phone has been on off since sunday- it feels nice.

Julia said...

*sighs* what an ordeal for you! I'm so glad you're back and everything's back in order!

Cindy said...

glad you averted total hard drive failure the monsoons look intense.