Friday, August 21, 2009

Design on a dime.

Hello, bonbons! It's Bee from The Lil Bee, and I'm honored to be your guest host. Like you, I come here for style inspiration—jewelry, design, photography...whatever Deb's got cooking on any particular day. So, I thought I would share with you some of the things that have inspired me in my quest to decorate my not-so-new home.

The first thing I did when we moved from NYC is search for wallpaper. Beautiful, lush, delicious wallpaper. It's inconceivable to put up wallpaper in a Manhattan rental, so for the last decade I coveted the stuff. Florals, toile, ikat, abstract, Baroque... you name it, I needed it.

But there was a problem. Wallpaper is... expensive! And you have to COMMIT to a particular STYLE for a long, long time! I chickened out. I humphed and pouted in frustration. And then... then I discovered the magic of decals.

So, for you, sweet bonbons, I present some of the most darling decals I've found, to date. They can instantly spruce up any space, and they're all quite affordable. Take a look...

Wouldn't laundry day be so much sweeter with a colorful clothing line?

A gorgeous design for a Sex And The City-worthy walk-in closet.

This pretty print* would be the perfect backdrop for reading a book and sipping hot tea.

Here's a stylish substitute to a pricey chandelier.

And for the little bebe...

...or la bambina.

I do hope these designs have inspired you, as well. Thanks for indulging me and have a wonderful day!


Vana said...

so so cute:) I especially love the chandelier...I have been wanting to get one but can't decide on the color and where to place..

square kitchen said...

wonderful, I love the chandelier, too. awesome post.

My Castle in Spain said...

the mannequin is adorable !
yes..i would love one for my dressing!

Bonbon Oiseau said...

just got home and so much catching up to love this post---and i want that third one, the fleurs on the black. loove! thank you soo much for this you sweet lil bee you!

Elizabeth said...

Nice to see you here Bee! I love those alphabet blocks. Just the thing for a friend with a baby on the way!

melissa loves said...

So pretty! Those flowers on the dark grey background.....GORgeous! :) Thanks for the inspiration my dear!

dee said...

This was so fun:) Thank you so much for having me, Deb, and for your sweet comments everyone! xo