Thursday, August 27, 2009

I think these are called "lunch break musings"

The forest hike we took in Glacier National Park was really wet and lush and looked like fairies parked themselves in places like this when no one was looking. I hear fairies aren't always nice but they sure live in nice this I bet.

photo via Saipua

Came back to see on P's blog that Sarah from Saipua has just reopened her new shop a few blocks away from her old shop. It's so beautiful, it's making me weepy. I bet fairies will move in over there too. Nice work but be careful Sarah...

photo: ed levine (his own signed copy)

On Sunday, Sandy and Craig came over and we watched a documentary "I Like Killing Flies" in which we learned a lot about life and became immediately enamored with the protagonist, restaurateur Kenny Shopsin of Shopsin's. An excellent welcome home. Buy his book "Eat Me" and let's all become regulars please.

Back to remodeling, now wishing I could hire the architect that Sarah from Saipua had to make my new place as magical too.

Dejectedly, took a lunch break (after about twenty minutes of looking at the mess) and architected this sandwich, of which I am quite proud, from whatever I could find. I toasted spelt bread, maneuvered some puréed garlic scapes with olive oil and sea salt (that I just so happen to have in a jar for such events as omelettes or the random pasta tossing), soft goat cheese from Consider Bardwell Farms, pineapple sage and sweet basil leaves and the only tomatoes to be picked from this rainy summer's doings, and for good measure a plopping of hummus. Topped it with some mint salt that Aran left here for us. Good lunch.

Next up: New Fall Collection will go up on website next week. Very exciting. End of Summer sale, a giveaway or two, all kinds of things I have in store for this beloved blog and my beloved friends. Now back to the studio.


Jade said...

1- yay for fairies
2- that sandwich looks delicious and is making me hungry
3- can't wait to see the new collection!!

Simply Mel {Reverie} said...

I don't want to believe that fairies can be my world, they are always nice! :)

Sandwich looks YUMMY!

Christine--RHP said...

woo--Deb--that sammy looks good!!
and the earrings are so pretty--
Glacier is one of the most most magical places--I'm sure some fairies were there!

cindy* said...

magic! the sandwich looks delightful... cannot wait to see the new collection!

Deniz said...

hello! somehow ended up here- to my absolute delight, will be back soon again!

erin said...

will be recreating your sandwich for my lunch. and will be dreaming about those earrings while i much on it. xo.

Fifi Flowers said...

VERY creative lunch break!

down pillow said...

I love all the nooks and shelves on that wall. Beautiful stuff, all of it.

muralimanohar said...

Wow. I so, so, so want to go on a road trip now. Too bad I can get from one side of the island to the other in 40 minutes. So not a road trip! :p

Mrs.French said...

I think the sandwich looks so yummy...I hope you are finding time to breath girly. I am so excited to see the new collection! xo t