Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Summer's Essence

On a muggy August Tuesday, may I present...


It is the stuff that made my sister-in-law Chrissie (the other one is very sober) slide under the dining room table and disappear, many moons ago. To read more about Its fixin's, please read here, at 66 Square Feet.

I am Marie, and Deb invited me into her blog, asking me not to look in the underwear drawer. Consider my eyes averted. Sort of.

It has been under wraps for something over three weeks, now, ever since I glugged a massive bottle of Stoli over a massive amount of red currants, black currants, gooseberries, raspberries and sugar, and sealed the jars. It is summer, arrested.

Why It? The name evolved slowly in Cape Town, where we first made It: Is It ready? When will you drink It? What's It for? It looks good!

It became It.

The vodka turned gradually crimson. I looked at It longingly, in Its cool spot on the floor. I turned It and admired It in the sunlight.

Last night the Frenchie unscrewed the tops, and we leaned over the jar mouths and inhaled. Hmmmmm. Red fruits.
We decanted It. We nibbled the innocuous-tasting berries. We mixed up some cocktails at once. One third It, two thirds Bombay Sapphire, 1 lime's juice, some sweet Thai basil leaves and zest of the lime. Much shaking with lots of ice.

Yielding...Itself! Pink on pink on the terrace.

It sure is sweet, so a little goes an awfully long way. I see It in sorbet, in sauce for duck, in fruit salad, as a post dinner sipper for sending you to sweet sleep.

And when you get back, Bonbon, a little bottle of It will be waiting for you.


Melissa de la Fuente said...

ooh....how delicious and divine! I have never wanted to taste a drink more! And how sweet....that a bottle will be waiting for Deb when she gets back!

Asya said...

Gorgeous! I think I have to make It... Thank you for a wonderful post.

molly said...

very deb!
great post--the yumminess captured perfectly!

Maria | Vintage Simple said...

What a perfect welcome home for a friend.... And may I say again how much I love your red terrace?? It's amazing. For those of you who haven't seen it, you should hop over to 66 square feet....amazing.

Ellen Zachos said...

I have been SO wondering what do do with all my CSA currants (currently in the freezer) and this is perfect! Have you ever tried it with previously frozen fruit? And also, how interesting that you make it with vodka, then mix it with gin. I am intrigued. And thirsty.

Marie said...

Hey Melissa - it's good, but sweet with a mulish kick :-)

Asya - thank you. I hope you do make it!

Hi Molly, thanks...hope it is Debbish :-)

Maria - the colour is Roseate, if you're ever searching for it.

Hi Ellen! I don't see why frozen would not work...and any hard liquor is good. My mom uses brandy.

Bonbon Oiseau said...

marie, this is such a great post and thank you so much for doing it. i could have used IT in the forest last week and i'm sure there were some little berry foraging bears who would have loved IT (i hear getting bears drubk with berry infused IT is the answer to making friends).

let's drink it together!

Marie said...

It's a deal :-)

Yeah, getting bears drunk is the only way...

Seriously...I have a bottle of It for you. It really is sweet, disclaimer, somewhatguiltyface.

Have It, will deliver?