Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hey Susy, Love Bonbon

Somehow in my busyness I not only missed the prettiest part of fall, I also missed this from one of my very favorite blogs and people, Hey Susy...It was written on November 2nd. I am very flattered (and very behind in visiting). I love Susy's impeccable taste and the collages she puts together on her blog are incrawonderful so I am doubly flattered. There is something so gratifying about kind words and thoughtful reviews like this that make doing this work really really worthwhile.

And Cindy just told me we were mentioned on Style me Pretty yesterday as well. I was wondering why I'm selling so many money clips and new pieces for Fall. THANK YOU with all my bonbon love Susy and Carrie...

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molly said...

that's awesome, deb, what great press!