Monday, November 9, 2009

Monday Dose of Inspiration: Mas de Pancho

from Pancho Tolchinsky's Folk Project

from the Sweet Gray Days project

from the 30km Away project

From the Feels Like Home project.
all photos courtesy of Pancho Tolchinsky

Hard to know where to start talking about why the photos of Pancho Tolchinsky inspire. Born in Mexico to an Argentine family, raised in Israel, he and his wife, artist Catalina Estrada, (originally from MedillĂ­n, Colombia), now live in Barcelona.

I'm thinking his background can partly explain the expansive world view I look at in each still moment in his photos, and somewhere in the magnificent, saturated colors and the beautiful mundane objects found in his projects from travels around the world, in each quiet moment he shouts a louder message of places and people and corners not often exposed, a melancholy with respectful purpose, the poetry of small far-off places and their private concerns. The impact of each sometimes difficult, always hopeful aspect of the everyday life of his subjects shines through in the things he notices with his camera. It's the unsentimental truth each of us carries in our navigation through our lives. His are photos that ask questions, that invite us to ask questions, photos that linger in memories, and are ones you can't forget.
Mas de todo...More of everything...

See his current projects and commercial work here. Own some here.


Melissa de la Fuente said...

Absolutely.....gorgeous. Thank you for the introduction hun....*sigh*

cindy* said...

these are amazing. perfect quiet moments...

evencleveland said...

'the unsentimental truth each of us carries in our navigation through our lives'


Esti said...

Thanks for the introduction to his work. I was aware of his wife Catalina's work but didn't know him. Great.

molly said...

beautiful, beautiful.... and your words match the pics perfectly.

matilda said...

OMG! Beautiful! Thanks.