Monday, November 9, 2009

The Wall

photos by Alexa Vachon

My pal Alexa Vachon's post today about the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall is beautiful.


evencleveland said...

I love all the hands - I find it incredibly moving.

I remember watching the news reports wide-eyed - I was just 11 - and feeling that the world could change, that terrible forces could be struck down through human will. It was amazing.

Callie Grayson said...

I had a friend who was is Austria when word came out that the wall was "coming down" so he and a few others hopped on a train and headed for Berlin.... the bought wine and champagne and flowers, tons of flowers, and as people were crossing over they celebrated with them, by handing them out. He said it was amazing!

Isabelle said...

I will always remenber when we crossed Berlin in 1985 on our way to Poland (my parents had the strange idea to go to Poland for summer holiday !!)

erin said...

gorgeous photographs.