Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Today's Happier Place

This time of year always always hits like a tornado--between planning for holiday events, dealing with international shipping to our shops overseas, figuring out how much stock we'll need for the holidays, the first trickling in of holiday orders, more photo editing of new surprise holiday pieces, making new graphics for undecided events, invitations, display planning, packaging, yikes!--and that's just the beginning.
Deep breaths and keep on truckin'.
In the name of excellence in procrastination, I am looking at photos from a market we drifted through in Oaxaca in February. Just enough color to inspire me. Thank you past. I knew you'd come in handy.


onesilentwinter said...

light winded by reading all of that! Oh my hope there is time for you to take deep breaths, eat well and sleep!

market look delicious!

molly said...

suuuuuure does.
reminds me of when you and i went to farmers market, i still look back at those photos, too.