Thursday, November 18, 2010

Two Bon New Shops for Us

felt, london

We said goodbye today to two packages filled with bonbons, heading for new shops across the waters. Exciting especially because the shops are incredibly lovely, the buyers of which I met just last month in Paris and we have somehow, though no small feat, gotten them their orders before the holidays begin. Goodbye little bonbons! Do your work in exotic lands!

Felt in London is getting our new Silver Lining Collection* and Arts & Science in Tokyo is receiving our Heirloom and Holiday Crystal Collection* as well as new moneyclips from the Spring Collection* for their men's shop.

* to be seen for the first time at our Holiday Studio Sale and Soirée on December 11th, details to follow!


onesilentwinter said...

that is wonderful! The shops look beautiful!

Marie said...

Congratulations, Bonbon!

Cindy said...

oh wow, i wish i could have delivered those bon bons for you! how wonderful! enjoy your weekend, deb!

molly said...

damn, those are the kind of shops we dream of .... good for you!

bigBANG studio said...

London and Tokyo, YES, YES, YES!