Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas, Blizzards and other New York Dreams

Christmas quietness this year until we got buried but no one's giving up. Especially not Icky. This week we're all Ickys, enjoying what we can. And starting Thursday, we hope the airport folks let us leave for Baja, Mexico where we're going for a short stay, after we dig our car out, after the plows come, after Jim gets over whatever attacked his stomach, after we find our passports, bathing suits, sandals somewhere here under all this down, wool and snow boots. Happy almost new year!


virg said...

have an awesome time! I'm super envious that you're going to be all warm with sandy feet! feliz año nuevo!

betty-NZ said...

Hope your trip is a fun one! Your photos tell a tale of a delightful Christmas house!

molly said...

baja it up baby!
i love seeing more of your juicy apt, too!
happy, happy deb!