Thursday, June 23, 2011

And Now a Word from this Puppy

photo: Sandy Pei/model: Iggy

This puppy, named Iggy, is my friend Sandy's new roommate. She owns Snacky in Williamsburg and now she gets to come home to Iggy being this puppy. Look at that belly!!

Now if we move, we can get a new roommate too, which we couldn't have here. Way to look on the bright side right? See I'm trying! Thanks pals, for helping me see the bright side, the unicorns, rainbows, puppies and better but not necessarily bigger (see aforementioned puppy) things ahead.


Elizabeth said...

what a puppy
I now have serious puppy lust
what a belly indeed!

cindy* said...

ohmygod, i want to nuzzle his freaking face off! puppy roommates are the best...i hope your (puppy) dreams come true!

Anonymous said...
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The Royal Me said...

OMG!!!!! So adorable! I cannot wait to meet Iggy!

matilda said...

OMG!!!Uber lovely!!!!