Thursday, June 9, 2011

Nadia, a Farm and Two Cups of Tea, Part 1

welcomed by a glass of hibiscus iced tea and hours of conversation

the spectacular winding road, view from the house

breakfast, shadows and light

a walk up to the little shack

the animals and all their glory, the yield, the delicousness of fresh eggs.

the magic of watching the light change everything

"Although my neighbors are Barbarians, and you are a thousand miles away, there are always two cups of tea at my table."
-Tang Dynasty

When I was a teenager, I found this old saying in a book and wrote it down. I have always loved it.
The life making a blog can bring wonderful things. Through time spent documenting, curating, admitting and hiding, incredible people have arrived, lost and found.

The world created alone behind a screen in the spaces in between other life, has connected me with many many beautiful gems. Nadia is one of the amazing gems, radiant, moving, and honest in her life through photographing and writing her La Porte Rouge. Radiant, honest, moving and beautiful in the flesh, with no computers or miles between us. Something connected us a long time ago, when I figured out you could actually comment on other people's blogs and they on yours(!), an understanding of things imperfect, and the possibility that there is all kind of love looking for you and if you let it find you, are willing to work a little, your life can open up in unimaginable ways.

I spent two happy days at the new farm on her spectacular stretch of mountain behind an orchard, two cups of tea at her table, like old friends, catching up on everything that has happened to us and the possibilities of what could be ahead, connected via a life I had never dreamed could yield such amazing bonds. I am back in Brooklyn, refreshed by her generosity, sweetness and drive to live her dream of a life on a farm, quietly, and share the simple pleasures and complexities too with all of us, inspired, now two cups of tea on my table.

(See Nadia's post about it here)


cindy* said...

so much gorgeousness! i have no doubt it was an amazing visit, two of my favorite ladies...I love seeing both of your photos, two perspectives, both lovely. i can't help it, i am a bit jealous ;)

onesilentwinter said...

oh deb gosh this is so kind, i loved having you here.
gosh your pictures , wow i love that you see so much in everything, they are beautiful they make me feel lucky.

dear deb, thank you for spending time with me and for all the inspiration.

Cindy said...

each post is wonderful and gives a different perspective. nadia's world sounds like it is in another time & place. almost like time-travel and you are a very good traveler.

Marie said...


Unknown said...

I remember coming upon your blog when I was reading through Nadia's and I knew I had seen magic. She lives in such a beautiful a fairy tale. was that what it was like in real life? It sounds like you had a wonderful time.