Sunday, June 12, 2011

Welcome Home My Love

"If you have two loaves of bread, sell one and buy a hyacinth for it will feed your soul"
-Persian Poem

Maxine is helping

Finally hung the drawings by one of my
favorite artists (and people),
Barbara Reiser

beautiful Melissa, raps.

a dark picture of the eggs, recipe below

Jim comes home today!
I had a good long week: a trip up to see Nadia in the country, a dinner gathering of the East Coast Boondogglers Association in which there was lots of laughing, a special guest from out of town, cocktails with St. Germaine (aka "more of that delicious crack shit all up in here"), amateur, but none-the-less impressive, rapping and *deconstructed deviled farm eggs.

Then there was a serious spring cleaning, a rained out but excellent day at the Brooklyn Flea and last night, the quietest night of the week, windows open, listening to rain and the wind, and I missed my husband. He loves the sound of rain.
He says, "Listen to that sound. You hear it? I love that sound."
Me too.
We're getting the band back together. I will make more of these for him.

*Deconstructed Deviled Farm Eggs

1. hard-boil some eggs, preferably from happy chickens. I like mine medium boiled, so that the yolk is still bright yellow and soft.
2. Slice in half and top with a small dollop of garlic mayonaisse,
center with a drop of grainy dijon mustard
3. chop some shallot and parsley very fine and sprinkle on top
4. sprinkle some fleur du sel or just sea salt and a grind of pepper
5. top with little sprigs of dill.



cindy* said...

i am so making these decontructo-eggs! whenever sean is out of town i find myself wandering aimlessly from room to room in my house and talking to my dogs waaaay more than a normal person should. i also, somehow, forget how to cook for myself. glad the band is back together ;)

Marie said...

:-) Drinking some of that crack shit as we speak. Happy homecoming.

erin said...

it is now 10 pm and i NEED those eggs. cheers to a love's return!

melissa loves said...

Ha ha ha....( oh lord, that photos & the idea of me rapping is all so embarrassing....:) I had SUCH a great time, my friend. You are an amazing hostess, you know? Delights abound and you make things, I would never normally eat, taste DE-licious. And that "crack shit up in here" is to stop? Maplewood! :)
You are the best, so happy Jim is home!

jiji said...

I looooove st. germain! I could drink it all day. Although my liver is probably not too happy with me the next day.

Bonbon Oiseau said...

thanks ladies, homecoming was a good one! St. Germaine cocktails tonight we are hoping! who's with me?

Tracey said...

I'll want details on your favorite St. Germaine cocktails.

Lotions: Right now, I am just using flower-infused oils - with chamomile or rose petals. That almond oil scrub does such lovely things for my skin - I thought I would take it to the next step. But, I hope to make some creamy lotions for winter.

You have NO idea how much I would love to see you in Brooklyn. Someday, my friend, I swear!!!

Vana said...

Miss you and sweet Melis! So glad I got a chance to meet you, my darling in person.
I need to call you to discuss Paris soon. Yes, i'm going to Paris!! Oh lala