Friday, June 10, 2011

Tie Clips (This Just In!)

find these here

We might be a little late, but Vanessa found some fantastic old stock tie-clips to which we've added the Bonbon touch-four editions of charms we think someone's Dad will love. Or brother. Or boyfriend. We originally only found enough to sell at the flea but now we can offer them, in limited edition on our website too! (ties not included but may I recommend our friends at Sovereign Beck? Theirs is the hot blue one in the middle)

To get yours in time for Father's Day you can order until noon on Wednesday.
If you decide to get yours engraved on the back, we'll ship for free (in the continental U.S.) so that you'll have it before Sunday, June 18th, for your dear old Dad. Or brother. Or boyfriend. or best friend.

1 comment:

cindy* said...

these are awesome deb! Sean loves his money clip, now he just needs a tie clip!