Monday, June 27, 2011

A lot from just A little on a Summer Night

the lake where Jim caught us some fish, Canada

the wine on the patio

the table

the Northern Pike, caught during man-trip to Canada, quickly defrosted
simply pan-fried, joined by marinated radishes,
cucumber wedges sprinkled with cumin and salt,
a salad with beets and feta cheese brought by friends

the strawberries Ed brought, which were smushed en route,
and so soaked in St. Germaine, elderflower liquor,
to top vanilla ice cream for dessert

Saturday impromptu dinner party with old friends, arranged by my incredibly talented and sweet husband, deliciously simple side dishes brought by aforementioned beautiful friends. I didn't do anything except get these strawberries drunk and laugh and eat and drink and think, tonight is kinda special.

*top two photos by Jim, plate by Gleena

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onesilentwinter said...

lovely still lake, seems so quiet. your dinner sounds like it was delicious.