Thursday, June 4, 2009

I miss

my camera. I am about to go to city hall and witness my friends get married. Maybe I will draw some pictures with crayon? Maybe find a cave wall and carve a pictogram?
When did my need to document become so strong?

Some random pics from the deb archives:
getting my fortune told in mysore in india
(a lot of it came true...for real)

a friend's design

my flowers at the last show in Paris

one of the walls

Jim and the camera come back tomorrow night. I have missed them both very much, my best friend and my security blanket.
Drawings of the wedding tomorrow.


onesilentwinter said...

deb i love these! i know it is odd how much we need to document. sometimes i have to see with my own eyes and not threw a lens, it is strange!

cindy* said...

love this deb! so glad jim and the cam are coming back to you soon! you should definitely draw the wedding...and share :)

Cindy said...

get one of those disposable cameras at the drugstore!! glad your sweetie and your husband will be home soon ;).

nichole said...

Crayon! Or pencil.

I hear you on the documentation. I often wonder if it enhances or inhibits. You know?

Hope you are well! I want to make it to Brooklyn soon. We are finally settled. ;)

Julia said...

I loved how you described them :) These are lovely images, I love the one of you getting your fortune told!

Unknown said...

I hope it was wonderful! You have the memories:) xx

Almost Precious said...

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Amy@OldSweetSong said...

Oh I love the pic of you have your fortune told. I hope it's framed somewhere in your house.

Tiaz said...

those purse are divine. :)

i love your blog. :)

heidi said...

"best friend & security blanket".....sweetness!
If I knew he was gone, I would have dragged you out to dinner :-)

please sir said...

I relate to your desire...hope you re-unite will be good!

boubou said...

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