Thursday, November 5, 2009

Classes Taught and Taken and a Giveaway

Some weeks so much happens and I fall off just a little to let it flow. The last few weeks there's been so much I want to say but not much time to reflect in the blog type way. I just wanted to share a few images from the workshop Vanessa and I took together this past weekend. We learned how to do flush stone settings, staring at tiny stones, drilling tiny holes just right, getting feedback from a really talented jewelry artist, Sayumi Yokouchi and making stuff for two days straight. It was doing-heaven.

And here's a few from the last "Assemblage Design" class yours truly taught at Make Workshop. Just look at the mad skillzes these people picked up and how much talent was exposed over those two days! I love teaching at Make, I do I do. The last Earring Workshop of the year is next's just a two hour packed with fun class and I think there's still space so join me?~ sign up! It's soooo much fun truly and maybe I'll bring wine? (Look now I'm bringing out the bribes...).

*Diana from Make has just generously offered to give away one free earring workshop with moi for next Wednesday's class or a later class for next year (a $95 value!) Just leave a comment here and we'll draw the winner on Saturday night and announce on Sunday morn!


Anonymous said...

love the ring

Maria | Vintage Simple said...

Oh, man..! One more reason I wish I lived in NYC. Sigh.


Melissa de la Fuente said...

oh! oh! I love, love the cuff and ring....please! I can't keep wishing for EVERYTHING you make! It just isn't possible for me to buy them all or wear them all! :) Love it hun and so excited to see what all you come up with !

heidi said...

but, but deb....?
How do you get the little stones to STAY in the little holes???? xoh