Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Finding Beauty On the Inside

*image spark board/chez bonbon

*pintarest pins de moi

and here's what's to be found:
splendiferous frida via lavender lines via P.

by me (you can see at our studio sale dec. 11th and on-line this weekend!)
crazy beautiful font from you work for them

images from jjjjound, typophile, and poires au chocolat
from what possessed me

from kyle poff

The past few nights while nursing quite the cold, I became addicted to Image Spark thanks to Rachel, interior architect/design genius/loving neighbor and Pintarest thanks be to P. who kindly showed me what it is and how it do. I am trying on my Image Spark page, as told by Rachel, to only put the images up that are the most heart breakingly beautiful to me, the ones I cannot turn away from. I love this advice. For a "more is more" person, it helps me to stay focused. On Pintarest, it's anybody's game, like pajama party of beautiful stuff parsed into inspiration boards galore. I love it.

As both P. and Rachel said and I paraphrase, these are amazing tools to find your most happy visual places, and to organize and see what comes from one's own aesthetic choices--a map of at best of the way you look and find and curate and collect visual data. Hoping from these sparks come some new plans for all kinds of things Bonbon and beyond. Both places are setting the path for inspiring new projects, of that I'm sure. Thanks ladies...

What do you think of these kinds of sites? How do you use them? How do you begin large creative projects yourself?


Maria | Vintage Simple said...

Hello, sweet you. I (ahem) don't use any of these, which is appalling, I know. I am forever behind technology. Sigh.

But I do compile images... in folders, tag magazines, post a few things on the blog... and live.

Are you going to be at the Brooklyn Flea on Saturday, by chance?

much love,

What Possessed Me said...

I didn't know about Image Spark! That's a useful resource, especially when you don't feel like blasting your aesthetic out to the world. Pinterest is seriously addictive - what I like about it is that themes begin to emerge as you pin away, blissfully unaware of what is starting to take shape. Also a great procrastination advice. xoxox

limonana said...

wow! thanks for sharing about this, it's the second time I've heard about it & i'm going to look into it this time. too intriguing!! lovely images by the way!

Katrina said...

these are such, such pretty images. and your jewelry looks glorious! i haven't yet used these sites. i think i'm always a few steps behind with the tools.

perhaps it's the letterpress printer and hand-stitcher in me. old skool?!? but i do not want to be a luddite so now, i think i might try them. xoxo, k.