Saturday, June 11, 2011

Playing Misty for You

video found here (thank you)

picture heisted from here

We had to pack in our Brooklyn Flea day when the rain came. Poor damp hang tags, little drops on the money clips and fobs, but I still love how the wet day felt.
Change of climate today, like NY dropped into a cloud forest, cool and misty like the Cameron Highlands, where we spent a cool and humid few weeks one time, drizzly wet like the light rain hours of the monsoon in Mussoorie, gray except for silhouettes of fogged-in hillsides, colorless except for green and the bright orange rust of tin roofs, made brighter by the wet. Fresh green air, cool mossy smells, always damp socks, hair, clothes.
I miss days like today, even when they're happening.
Jim's coming home tomorrow. Finally.

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Unknown said...

You have no idea how happy I was today to see a comment from you. how are you sweet friend? I think of you often and our afternoon tea so long ago at Le Pain Quo. We didn't move far...just way downtown in Battery Park...closer to Brooklyn! and near a le pain Quo! we should make plans to see each other soon. I would love it. xoxo